The earlier a child is diagnosed and starts receiving services for an autism spectrum disorder, the better the outcome in life overall.  Children on the autism spectrum demonstrate social, verbal as well as nonverbal communication deficits that can be remedied or much improved when services are accessed early on.  After accurately diagnosing an autism spectrum disorder our clinician will meet with the parent(s) to outline various treatment options and will make specific treatment recommendations for the educational system as well as home environment. Findings, results and treatment options will also be outlined in an integrated report that can be shared with other health providers if necessary.


Adults with social difficulties often wonder if they have an autism spectrum disorder that impairs their relationships at work and/or in their private lives.  Our experience shows that adults often feel relieved to find out that they have an autism spectrum disorder since their internal experiences are finally validated by their diagnosis.  This helps them categorize the experiences they had so far in life and helps them move forward.  Often adults on the autism spectrum disorder experience anxiety or depression due to the obstacles they faced in life and treating these mental health issues together with an improvement in social skills can improve their quality of life.  Our clinicians will discuss the outcome of the evaluation and help individuals set treatment goals they can achieve in life. Our clinicians can also help couples navigate their relationship if one partner has an autism spectrum disorder.


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